"RAPIRA-crypto" A large-scale project of interaction with cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies

As supporters of digital money, we strive to create a social ecosystem of digital assets to conveniently engage more people in blockchain and digital projects.

The widespread adoption of blockchain technology will make the same global changes that have caused the invention of the Internet and smartphone in its time.

Cryptographic data encryption will penetrate all areas of our lives in the near future.

With blockchain, all cryptocurrency transactions occur without intermediaries and in a secure mode - from user to user, without the need to pay banks and payment systems for intermediary services.

Taking these technologies as a basis, we have begun the process of creating our own, fundamentally new, RAPIRA (R) coin.

The main component of the project is a multi-currency wallet.

For greater security and protection of customers, use of physical media is possible.

The most important component of the project is a decentralized multicurrency blockchain-based 5.0


A prerequisite for registering on the exchange is the availability of a RAPIRA coin purse.

The multi-purse feature allows you to trade different coins.

Online trades occur between wallets directly and the exchange does not have access to customer funds.

High stability of the whole structure and no transaction fee.

And these are only basic developments ...