Capsule "RAPIRA - pyramid"

RAPIRA capsule

Based on the technology of zero gravity and water REST-therapy (sensory deprivation), creating a pyramid-shaped capsule and supplementing it with a chronicle mirror and a combined energy resonator, as well as through our own studies of the pituitary gland's impact on overall energy balance. we have achieved such unique results that we can safely talk about world-class development ...

The uniqueness of the design made it possible to reach a new level of technologies of healing, relaxation, meditation and self-discovery.

The procedure is carried out in a sound and light-proof capsule filled with 40% magnesium solution at a temperature of 35 ° -37 ° C. The body is held on the surface of the water and immersed in a state of "artificial weightlessness".


Rules for passing sessions.

On the day before the procedure:


  • It is recommended to take food 1-2 hours before the procedure. It is not necessary to come to the session immediately after eating or hungry, otherwise it will distract you;
  • Do not epilate or shave a few hours before the session. A concentrated salt solution can cause irritation and will "pinch";
  • Do not use alcohol or drugs. The same applies to stimulants such as coffee, tea or Coca-Cola; they are not conducive to relaxation;
  • Refrain from the procedure if you dyed your hair.


Just before the procedure:


  • Be sure to go to the toilet;
  • Remove all clothing, jewelry, watches, lenses. Turn off your mobile phone;
  • We recommend having a fully nude session;
  • Take a shower, wash your cosmetics. Wash your hair without conditioner;
  • If there are wounds on the body, it is advisable to lubricate them with petroleum jelly (to avoid discomfort in contact with salt water);
  • Use ear plugs if necessary;
  • Drink some water, concentrated saline will draw a lot of moisture from your body during the session.


During the procedure:


  • For convenience, when you enter the capsule, you should go back to the door, close it and, without returning, sit down quietly, and then lie down on the water. If you are having difficulty staying in the dark or in a confined space, you can leave the door open or ask for light to be turned off;
  • Relax, allow your body to take a comfortable position;
  • It is contraindicated to taste the water. Do not create splashes or rub your eyes! If your face is sweaty and sweat gets in your eyes - actively flick a few times, but don't reach for them! If salt does get in your eyes, it is best to get out of the capsule and rinse your eyes with running water;
  • During the session it may seem that there is not enough air. This is because the air is unusually moist and warm. You can get rid of it by taking a few deep breaths with a second delay;
  • Do not think about the time and do not expect something definite, just watch the feelings in the body and thoughts that will emerge;
  • If you are familiar with relaxation and meditation practices, it is time to apply them during the session;
  • During the session, you may experience unusual sensations, including mild anxiety if you are a beginner. This is how the brain responds to the condition when it gets rid of external stimuli. There may be some visions, breaths, flashes, or flashes of light. It may seem that you are failing somewhere or, on the contrary, are taking off. All this is usually accompanied by pleasant emotions, just watch and enjoy.


After the procedure:


  • Do not rush up.
  • At the end of the session, before getting up, wipe your hand with water from your hair to the nape of your neck (to avoid saline contact).
  • Be careful when leaving the capsule. The English salt solution is very slippery.
  • Take a shower and rinse off any salt residue.




  • infectious diseases (SARS, influenza, sexually transmitted diseases, hepatitis, etc.);
  • skin diseases (especially in the acute stage, fungal skin diseases, open wounds);
  • state of alcohol or drug intoxication;
  • epilepsy, phobias, mental disorders (now, recently or in the past);
  • menstruation, pregnancy bleeding, pregnancy threat;
  • blood pressure problems (now, recently or in the past) 180/120 and above; 90/50 and below;
  • contact lenses (remove if necessary);
  • ear disease (otitis media, tympanic rupture, etc.) - use earplugs;
  • serious heart disease (angina, recent heart attack);
  • intestinal and bladder disorders, incontinence;